Friday, April 14, 2006

Pretty Print

In my current pilgrimage towards blog template beauty, I've now added CSS to format the page nicely for printing. Try the print preview and you'll see what I mean.

It turns out it's nice and easy... just add a media="screen" to your on screen CSS definition and add a media="print" to your paper one. Et Viola!

As with the javascript additions, all the formatting and suchlike that I've added has been added inline. That way you guys can take a gander if you want.

At some point soon the whole template is going to get a refactor to simplify it, maybe make it a bit more readable... just hang on in there for now!

Oh, and if anyone has any good idea for tracking sites, I'm getting a bit sick of going to three different places for my full set of tracking needs!

Brief question: When will's dictionary include the word blog?

It's a rhetorical question, AND I DEMAND AN ANSWER!

1 comment:

abeacock said...

Let us know when you find a decent solution for the tracking. I removed statcounter a while ago due to the 100 visit wrap around limit (don't want to pay for it!).

I removed Google Analytics when all my sites were completely unavailable due to Google's site being down!

I visit extreme tracking every now and then to check the referrer logs.

Have thought about installing Mint but that doesn't help with my blogger account.

Oh well, better just fly blind for now...