Friday, April 14, 2006

New Agile DB Blog on the block

I've just spotted a few new links into this site, and (as always) I followed them back... to here. Warren Mayocchi's blog looks like its been around for a while, but the author's just on a new journey to solve the Agile DB release problem. He's definitely thinking along some very sound lines and I for one am very interested to find out where the journey takes him.

Good luck fellow pilgrim!

PS. Honestly, he's not getting a plug JUST because he linked to me ;-)
PSS. I like the 100 word fiction. Warren, just us some more!


At 16 April 2006 at 11:30, Anonymous Warren Mayocchi said...

Thanks for the plug Robert :) I started the blog a few weeks ago initially to capture/share the progress of an excursion into the Agile Database territory.
To test out the capabilities of the blog software I included a few old thoughts including the 100 word fiction. It was the input into a local annual writing competition.
I have been considered setting up a little (PHP) 100 word fiction site. Could be something fun to try out CakePHP.

At 19 April 2006 at 02:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that blog link is "dead" any idea of the correct url?

At 19 April 2006 at 08:05, Blogger Rob Baillie said...

You must have been unlucky and caught the site when it was down... the link is good...

At 19 April 2006 at 13:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm...interesting. I am in Costa Rica and I am trying to access that blog with no luck yet... weird


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