Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dixons in "good service" shocker

I hate Dixons.

Every time I go in there I have to wait an absolute age for anyone to help me. They have the same staffing level problems that Debenhams and Maplins suffer from. They simply don't have any people on the shop floor.

However, when I went snowboarding last month I decided that I wanted to take a cheap video camera with me, one that I wouldn't mind breaking. And Dixons had exactly what I was looking for, an end of line Sony Handycam for 200 quid. Nice one.

As it was end of line I decided to haggle and managed to get 3 years of their Mastercare thrown into the deal. It covers accidental damage.

When we were out boarding I managed to stack it big time and break the flip out screen on the camera. Really annoying, because as soon as you flip out the screen the viewfinder switches off, and the menu buttons are under the screen. AAAaaargh.

Anyway, we soldiered on through the holiday with the broken camera (still recorded fine) and when we got back I phoned up their Mastercare phone line expecting a nice big argument about whether or not it's covered.

They just asked what the problem was, not once did they ask how it happened. They sent out a courier bag that I got about 2 days later. I put the camera in and called DHL to pick it up; they came the next day. That was Thursday. On Monday this week I got a DHL package back; I assumed that they'd messed up and just sent my camera to me instead of Mastercare. It WAS the camera, but it was fixed!

I couldn't believe it. I reckon it must have taken no more than a week from start to finish to get the camera fixed, the best bit being the TWO WORKING DAYS it took for them to get delivery of the camera, fix it and send it back.

Quite simply... WOW!

At 65 quid, the Mastercare service is a bit pricy, no matter how good it is... but it's well worth trying to get it thrown in for free!


Matt Ball said...

Timely blog.

Dixons is no more. Long live Curry's Digital

Rob Baillie said...

I'm nothing if not topical!