Monday, April 24, 2006

In my spare time I contribute to an OS CMS...

Whenever I see a CV cross my desk containing the words 'Open Source Content Management System', I shiver. Visibly.

So what was I supposed to do with the news that my manager had decided to write one?

Well, it turns out that I needed to take a look at the home page, then take a look at then code, and finally decide that it's not actually that bad.

Obviously, the last thing the world needs is yet another Wiki, but as it's actually very very lightweight, looks ludicrously easy to set up, and is very well structured, then why not make space for just one more?

Obviously, he needs a slap for not writing unit tests, but the plug in authentication and storage classes are spot on.

In fact, I'd like to present it as an example of how PHP code can look when its not produced by an idiot. In addition, the CSS driven layout is a great example of content and presentation separation. All in all it's starting from a very nice position. Hopfeully it'll continue in the same way.

There's the odd little bit of refactoring to do, but once it's on sourceforge or freshmeat I'll help him with that...

Rest assured, it won't appear on my CV...

P.S. Momentous occasion: This my 100th blog entry
P.S.S Momentous occasion 2: It's also my boss's 30th birthday. Don't you hate it when your boss is younger than you!

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Anonymous said...

Why thanks Bob, that's a nice plug. Not quite as good as the popup boob card you guys got me!