Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Subversion de-perversion

Mr Mason has done it again.

For those that use Subversion for their version control, Mike Mason's blog is a must subscribe. He doesn't post often, but when he does it's invariably useful. His latest post covers splitting and merging Subversion repositories. As usual, reading it leads to an "Of course that's how you it!" moment.

If you haven't already picked it up, his book, "Pragmatic Version Control with Subversion" is a great introduction to Subversion.

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Andrew Beacock said...

I'll second that book review, I've just finished it, read it cover to cover, and now I want Mike to write "Advanced SVN usage" as I think there is so much more he could expand upon.

Great book Mike!

Anonymous said...

I hope you realise that by buying a book on Subversion you'll end up on the CIA's watch list.