Friday, November 11, 2005

Non-techie Tip of the Month

Sorry to still be way off topic, but I was given a beautiful gem of a tip today.

Have you ever accidentally written on a whiteboard with a permanent marker?

If so, you'll know how painful it is trying to remove it again with solvents. Far too much elbow grease required for my liking.

Well, we had one of those moments today and someone piped up with a glorious bit of help.

Simply write over the existing text with a proper whiteboard marker, then rub it off with a normal whiteboard rubber.

Zero effort and a clean whiteboard!

I promise that normal Oracle and PHP based services will be resumed soon...


Anonymous said...

Genuis, best tip I have read on orablogs all month. :-)

APC said...

The WD-40 Fan Club (yep, there is such a thing) reckons a squirt of the ol'watwer dispellent doesn't wonders for a compormised whiteboard. But I've never worked in an office that had a can handy.

Cheers, APC