Monday, May 28, 2007


And to follow on from the last post... my current personal bests:

I figure if I keep them here, at least I'll always know where they are!

5km Run23:44 (Battersea Park, 'Beat the Baton' 28/05/07)
10km Run53:23 (Hyde Park, 'Run London' 08/10/06)
Half Marathon2:17:49 (Redcar, 'Tees Valley Half Marathon' 12/03/06)
Rubik's cube57 seconds


Anonymous said...

24mins for 5k, 53 for 10k. Did you stop for a beer on the 10K run :=)

PS. I highly recommend a garmin forerunner .. and

Rob Baillie said...


New season, new personal best.

Just wait a month for the British 10km to come round...

Rob Baillie said...

Very annoyed, but it seems I can't resist that pint half way round.

Managed a 53:46 on the British 10k. A tough course, very up and down, and it was my first 10k of the season, so not really that disappointed.

Feeling confident I can beat 50 minutes this season now though...