Thursday, October 05, 2006

Doing things I'm not very good at

Well, last night was my last training run before my next 10Km run. And this time I've got a target...

When it's come to official timing, I've managed a 10Km in just over 58 minutes. This time I want to get it to under 55. But what's the point in me doing a run if that's the kind of time I'm going to manage? Odds on bet the winner will do it in something like 35 minutes; I'm not unfit, it's just that I'm not a very good runner; I eat fairly well and am generally pretty healthy, so I don't need to do this in order to keep fit.

I do it because I'm not very good at it. Because running reminds me that I'm not the best at things that I do. It's blindingly obvious that there are people out there that are vastly superior to me on the track. In fact, there are 60 year olds out there that are faster than me. When I did my one and only half marathon I was beaten by a veteran speed walker.

But I'm getting better. I'm learning more about running and training, and I will get faster. One day I may manage under 45 minutes... and then I'll have to pick something else.

The last run of the year will be the Rainforest Foundation 10Km, and if you know me (and want to), you can sponsor me.

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