Wednesday, September 13, 2006

XHTML Transitional

OK, so it's taken a bit of time, though very little effort (if you know what I mean), and I think it's probably one of the sadest exercises I've ever gone through (pretty difficult to believe, I know)... BUT the home page of this site is now XHTML Transitional compliant.

It's been validated in two seperate sources.

First up, the obvious: W3C 's online validator

Secondly (because one is never enough), the much handier HTML Validator Firefox extension by Marc Gueury, which is based on the Tiny validator.

The plan is to keep any new posts to the site XHTML transitional compliant. Though I've got no plans to go back and fix earlier posts. Frankly I've got better things to do with my time than remove the <br /> tags that Blogger sticks between <li> tags and change all the &s to &amp;s in the hrefs. :)

At least the site finally looks the same in Firefox and IE6 now!

Update: Is it just me, or is the commented out CDATA tag inside the script tag telling the browser that there's unstructured data a bit of a hack. I know my javascript should be in a different file, but I don't have any hosting for the files, and I'm not going to set it up for 2 or 3 1K files!. Anyway, you'd think the spec would cover this problem in a more natural way. Maybe an attribute on the tag
Maybe it can be implied by the script tag itself?

I'm no XML expert, but the solution seems more than a bit nasty to me.

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