Saturday, April 01, 2006

Net Send from an Oracle DB

Now I'm no DBA, but this (XUTL_NET) looks useful...

It's a small footprint product that adds windows style NET SEND capability to Oracle 8i and above, running on any operating system... just as long as you've got NETBIOS over TCP/IP on your network and Windows clients to receive the message.

It just seems like a neat little way of sending youself notification messages when those long running jobs finish, so you don't have to sit there with a window to your server open.

Chris also supplies an API for UDP (XUTL_UDP of course)... it seems he needed one to write XUTL_NET, and if you've written it, why not make it available?

UDP is available for free, as is a trial version of NET. I admit that I've not used either... but they both sound worth checking out if you need that kind of thing!

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