Sunday, January 08, 2006

Google Pack

It's been a while since I've been 'in the blogging scene', and I suppose the only way to get back is to start posting again! So, whilst this post may be small, I'm hoping it's beautiful.

Google have decided to address that age old problem... getting your new PC from the point it's at when you first buy it to actually being useful and on the way to being safe to use on the web.

They've put together the 'Google Pack'.

OK, so I like Google Earth, but I'm not sure it's quite essential, but the rest:

Google Desktop
Google Toolbar for IE
Norton Antivirus
Adobe Reader

And THE most important one:
Mozilla Firefox

It's a stunning idea, though I'd probably add to that:
Open Office
AVG (Ok, so you've already got Norton, but AVG is ACTUALLY free)
Hitman Pro (Ad-aware is only one part of the anti spyware suite)

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Andrew Beacock said...

I haven't used Hitman Pro so I'm going to try that one out tonight.

Another good antispyware tool is SpyBot . It has the usual scanner but also a system tray utility that reports all changes to important parts of the registry for you to allow or deny.