Friday, October 14, 2005

Things I have learned this week

A couple of friends and I were joking over the weekend that if we all learned one thing each, every day for a year, then at the end of the year we'd be able to release the book 'Over 1001 things that 3 people learned in a year'

Here's what I learned this week:

  • 08/10/2005: Cannon Street London Underground station used to have an ornate glass roof that was removed at the start of WW2. It was moved to the countryside to avoid bomb damage. The barn it was kept in was bombed a week later, completely destroying the glass roof. Cannon Street station remained virtually untouched throughout the whole of the war.

  • 09/10/2005: Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo.

  • 10/10/2005: The ship the Queen Elizabeth 2 is always written down with the number 2 rather than the roman numerals II. This is done in order to differentiate it from the Queen with the same name.

  • 11/10/2005: The most abundant metal in the human body is calcium

  • 12/10/2005: The most abundant bird in the world is the domesticated chicken. In 2003 the US ate 8.2 billion chickens, and if a chicken is grown for 7 weeks before being killed for meat, then in order for the 65 million people in the UK to be able to eat their average of 0.75 chickens a week then a total of 341.5 million chicken must exist at any given time in order to support the market.

  • 13/10/2005: It's not enough to learn from your mistakes, you have to actually remember that you learnt from them and put those lessons into action.

  • 14/10/2005: Whenever you find a gap in a test and you think "No, I won't put that test in, it'll never happen", it will happen, and it'll probably happen on the live system and give you a big headache.

I cannot make any guarantee as to the accuracy or relevancy of any of the facts, nor will I compensate anyone for the loss of time spent reading them.

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MikeH said...

The most popular car in the world, based on sales, is the Toyota Corolla.