Friday, August 05, 2005

Comments back

Comments should be running normally again now. The offending Haloscan comments javascript has been replaced with the original Blogger javascript.

I had inadvertently switched over to Haloscan comments without switching off the Blogger comments. So adding a comment when you arrived from a permalink and clicking on 'Post a comment' gave you a Blogger comment that couldn't be seen from the main page.

Ah well, you live and learn! Normal commenting has now been resumed.


MikeH said...

"You have unsaved changes" - when all I did was click comments and then click back on my browser...

Get the haloscan comments working again! It wouldnt be a difficult thing for blogger to check if I actually had made changes on the comment page before annoying the living piss out of me with that javascript alert. As a protest against Blogger's braindead handholding, I am doing to make a stupid face when I click the "Login and Publish" button.

Rob Baillie said...

Sorry Mike,

I just love the simplicity of the blogger comments: The inline view of them when you're looking at a single post; and the fact it's free to get E-mail notification of comments :-)

I know I could do all that with Haloscan, I just don't see the point in spending time setting it up when I don't have to.

Deep down, I'm just lazy ;-)