Sunday, September 10, 2006

A language for discussing performance testing

OK, so all I'm doing here is repeating the text that I previously had in a post about the Google London Automation Testing Conference, discussing the talk by Goranka Bjedov on Performance testing.

I figured that it was sitting in the middle of a fairly large post, and I wanted it to be seen and reviewed by more people than would be bothered to plough through the other stuff.

It's a suggested series of terms by which different types of performance tests can be described:

  • Performance Test: Given load X, how fast will the system perform function Y?
  • Stress Test: Under what load will the system fail, and in what way will it fail?
  • Load Test: Given a certain load, how will the system behave?
  • Benchmark Test: Given this simplified / repeatable / measurable test, if I run it many times during the system development, how does the behaviour of the system change?
  • Scalability Test: If I change characteristic X, (e.g. Double the server's memory) how does the performance of the system change?
  • Reliability Test: Under a particular load, how long will the system stay operational?
  • Availability Test: When the system fails, how long will it take for the system to recover automatically?

In addition to the above, there is then another term, which I would suggest is not a type of test in its own right, rather it is a term denoting the depth of analysis being performed.

  • Profiling: Performing a deep analysis on the behaviour of the system, such as stack traces, function call counts, etc.

Any thoughts?

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