Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Google LTAC - A more personal note

Alright, so I've been going on about the Google LTAC quite a bit recently, but I wanted to mention a few more personal observations...

  • Is it coincidence that the comedy presenters were called Adam and Joe?
  • Google might talk about Work / Life balance, but you're always at the conference even when you're on the toilet thanks to the highly informative 'testing on the toilet' hints and tips sheets ;) (see below)
  • Even the user interface 'simplicity innovators' can't help themselves when it comes to conference freebies... I never realised that I needed a coloured light on my pen until now. (Shame the light makes the pen a bit too heavyweight, the ink keeps clogging meaning a slow startup time and the blue LED keeps on cutting out)
  • Also, for a company that's very much 'of the now', a mouse mat is just soooo last millennium.
  • I've never been at a conference where there were so many laptops. Although I'm a little surprised that no-one brought any internet enabled CI lava lamps with them.
  • Google may not be Evil, but they still gave us plastic cutlery and polystyrene plates (boooo)

And a couple of awards

  • Phrase of the conference: "That's a big bucket of suck"
  • Agile Pimp: Dan North, a man with an eye for spotting the delegate that's ripe for a bit of lean process
  • Free snack food of the conference: Innocent Smoothies.
  • Information Download Award: Adam Porter, watch the video (when it's out), you'll understand.
  • Demo of the conference: Jason Huggins, the cutting edge can cut you deeply when you've got an audience.

Testing on the toilet


ana said...

Bob, re Testing on the Toilet: it is not related to the LTAC in any way. This is an initiative that we have been running for a while now, with new episodes every week. :-)

Rob Baillie said...

And it's such a good idea I can't believe it doesn't happen everywhere!

It's defintely an advantage of working in a software house... we 12 developers have to share our toilets with 60 general IT staff, 60 recruitment consultants and 20 admin staff. To wide an audience to realistically consider it for ourselves.

Damn it!