Sunday, September 11, 2005

Easy RSS syndication with FeedDigest

Thanks to a heads up from Andrew Beacock, I've taken a bit of a look at FeedDigest.

It's a very simple syndication site that allows you to easily put together RSS feeds and then produce HTML versions of them for placing on your site.

I can see how this sort of tool can really start to push the use of RSS. For me all it's meant that Bobablog now has the last 5 OraBlogs posts and the last 3 BobaPhotoBlog posts. But there's no reason why it should stop there.

You could put up a feed of your bookmarks, the latest news from the BBC, a central collection of your task lists from BackPack, or (using the search facility) a short list of your own posts on a particular topic.

The reason I think this is cool isn't because it does anything new... it doesn't. The reason is that it does things in a way that means that non developers can do it.

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