Tuesday, February 15, 2005

It's my Blog and I'll enthuse if I want to

Ok, ok so it's a Blog.
As with everyone else's first Blog post I'd like to say that I never meant to Blog; I always said I wouldn't Blog. Why would anyone ever be interested in what I had to say?

Well it turns out that Blogging isn't about that, it's about formalising little chunks of thoughts into a coherent whole, exercising your writing muscles and putting the whole thing down on 'paper'.
For me, its aim is to organise what I think I know and reform it into what I know I think. Then find out what my peers think. Just so I know.

So what will I Blog? Well it looks like it's going to be what I think I know about Oracle, PHP and eXtreme Programming. I like to think I've been around a bit in the Oracle world, but PHP and eXtreme Programming are pretty new to me. So I'm learning all the time. Which means I'm thinking. Which hopefully means I'm Blogging...