Friday, June 22, 2007


Saw a cracking Haiku on a t-shirt the other day:

Haiku are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

Then my mind started dwelling on it:

Got the release out
But the testing's not finished
It's falling over


Database is slow
Just can't see what's wrong with it
Set autotrace on


A quick refactor
Turns into a bigger job
Should have unit tests


Gerard Davison said...

What you need is the original t-shirt:

I so almost put this on for work today until I remembered that I was interviewing.

abeacock said...

So what are the rules of a 'Haiku'?

Rob Baillie said...

Obviously, I can't do the term more justice than the entry on wikipedia ( but as far as the English version of it goes, it's a verse of poetry that consists of 3 lines, one of 5 syllables followed by another of 7 and a final of 5.

Traditionally there is a sinle break in the flow of the poem where the verse takes a new direction. I suppose the jarring juxtaposition of two phrases is supposed to focus you onto an enlightening moment - be it in imagery or point.

will explain haiku to you.
I'm an idiot.