Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Database Upgrade Links

Around August last year I started to put together some notes on writing database upgrade scripts. It was kicked off after a discussion with Wilfred van der Deijl, based on experiences on my current project where I honestly we've got it about as right as it ever needs to be.

For a while now I've been fiddling with FeedDigest to try to get it to categorise my entries so that I can produce a summary page, and I've finally given up. So instead, I've put this entry together. It's just a link page to each of my database upgrade entries... I hope it's of use!


At 10 January 2006 at 16:38, Blogger APC said...

Hi Robert

The link to Dealing With Code is broken.

Cheers, APC

At 10 January 2006 at 22:17, Blogger Rob Baillie said...


Cheers for the heads up!

At 5 February 2007 at 18:30, Blogger markusda said...


I've been reading your various posts on your Patch Runner and we are very intrigued as we are in great need of establishing a process for maintaining our DB upgrade scripts.

That said, could you somehow provde some examples: i.e of your patch runner implementation, the various (4?) scripts, table structures, etc? This would be monst incredibly helpful, and prevent us from repeating the same mistakes you MAY have encountered


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