Saturday, August 06, 2005

Haloscan Ping 0.3 (alpha 2) released

For those that are interested, a new version of Haloscan Ping has been released. Thanks go to Andrew Beacock and Ryan Cullen for their input!

This version fixes a couple of minor bugs with the first alpha...

  • Atom feeds with no content, but a summary tag are now recognised correctly

  • NULL entries no longer cause the ping screen to crash

  • If an entry is shorter than the minimum number of characters, it will still be chopped off to the nearest sentence

What we're currently working on for the next version:

  • Ability to send multiple pings in a single submit

  • Automatically stripping tags from the content

As with the previous version, if anyone wants it, please mail me!

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lee said...

need multiple trackback utility,
founda desktop programm but must pay 50dollar a month to use,, Eh
is there no trackback exstractor on the market that is free?? ive looked eveywhere.. let me know lee

Rob Baillie said...

Sorry Lee, I can't help you.

I'm aware that the Haloscan site allows you to post multiple trackbacks in a single submit, but it generally tells you to 'slow down your pings'. I believe that it'll only let you send a single ping per half hour.
I suspect that if you upgrade the account from a free one then you'll be able to ping more frequently, but I've found that pinging once every half hour is normally just about sufficient. After all, you wouldn't want to be spamming people now would you ;-)