Thursday, July 14, 2005

Trackback a go go

Thanks to a mail from my good mate Andrew Beacock (why research things when you've got a mate like him to do it for you!), I've think I've got this trackback thing sorted.

For all those people looking for a service out there, I've started using Haloscan. It's pretty easy to setup, Andy's got some help here if you need it, but to be honest it's straight forward.

The difficulty I always had was what to actually do with the trackback once you've got it!

Here's the deal:

When you want to link a blog entry with a trackback facility you start off by writing your blog entry.
Then get hold of the permalink for YOUR entry.
Go to THEIR entry, and click on the trackback link.
With Haloscan you'll then get a trackback URL.
Copy this URL so you now have two links... YOUR entry link and THEIR trackback link
Log into Haloscan and 'Send a Trackback ping'
Paste in YOUR permalink into the (der) 'Your Permalink URL' field, and put THEIR trackback url into the URLs to Ping.

And that should be it.

Check out Andy's post here and it should have a trackback to here...

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